Guidelines to Find the Best Used Caravans

Caravans can provide you the opportunity to have a lot of fun with your friends and family, but you need to be careful when you’re buying them used. Like most products, buying large and expensive used items comes with certain risks and it’s up to you to make sure you avoid them. Here are some tips you should follow in order to find the right used caravan that meets all of your needs.

Shop Around

Don’t just find the first retailer that sells used caravans and decide to make the purchase. Buying a used caravan is a big decision and if you rush it, you could end up costing yourself a lot of money. More importantly, if you buy a caravan that isn’t fit to be used, you could put yourself in serious physical danger.

Do Your Research

Shopping has been made tremendously easy nowadays because of the ease of technology. When looking for a retailer who sells used caravans, you can do a simple search on the internet that should be able to provide you with enough consumer feedback for you to determine whether or not you want to consider them. Sellers with a higher satisfied customer base are clearly more deserving of your business.

Know What Type of Caravan You Want

You need to decide early on how you are going to use your caravan. Are you going to be the only one using it or are you planning group outings with family or friends? By deciding on what type of caravan you want and how you are going to use it, you can easily cut down on your search time and find the right caravan seller much faster.

Establish a Budget

This is perhaps the most important tip to remember. Used caravans are fun, but remember, you are buying them in used condition. This means, depending on the caravan’s condition, you shouldn’t be paying anywhere near the item’s full retail price. Know exactly what your budget is going to be and stick to it. You’ll easily be able to find a seller with the right caravan within your price range.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be certain to find a used caravan that you love. If you really want a hassle free experience when it comes to shopping for used caravan, then visit, one of Australia’s most trusted retailers of new and used caravans!

Second Hand Caravans for Sale | What You Need to Know

If you’re thinking of buying a second hand caravan, there are a few things you should know to make the experience as hassle free as possible. Purchasing a second hand caravan can be a huge step and one in which you’re committed to investing a decent amount of money. But don’t worry, there are only a few basics you need to know when looking for second hand caravans for sale.

First you’ll want to consider your intentions and how many people you’ll be carrying. Will it be just you, you and your spouse, or are family and friends coming as well? Be sure to consider how and where you’ll be storing the caravan; these considerations should help you figure out the proper size for you needs. The next thing you’ll want to figure out is which make and model is right for you. If you stay within the mass market, mid-range makes and models, there will be more choices available to you.

Sticking to a more popular make and model will also make it much easier to find and purchase spare parts when you need them; they also tend to hold their resale value over time. You can also look at purchasing a fancier, up market model that will be built to last and have more luxuries. These tend to resell around the same price as a new caravan of lesser quality. It is also very important that you feel comfortable in your caravan, take a look inside and sit down in it before purchasing.

A major concern you should have on your mind is whether the caravan is watertight. If water seeps into the caravan, it can seriously damage the walls, floor, and roof. Ideally you should bring a damp meter, which can be picked up at any DIY store for a low price, to check if the caravan is watertight. Perform a visual inspection, check for any kind of damage to the caravan. Some second hand caravans for sale may not be in the best shape.

Make sure to see that everything works, while you may not be able to check everything, check what you can. Check the brake systems, chassis, suspension, locks and doors. The plumbing systems also tend to have problems, so make sure the taps work, the pumps run, check that the shower and sinks drain without leaking and that the pipes are in good condition.

If you’re looking for used caravans for sale that are dependable, in good shape, and of high quality, visit Make sure your caravan travels the road with no problems!

What to Know When Looking for Caravans for Sale

Have you recently been looking for caravans for sale? Considering buying a caravan can be quite a big step, and you can expect to invest a fair amount of money. If you aren’t experienced, purchasing one may present many daunting questions. You might be wondering how to choose the right caravan for your purposes, what you can put in your caravan, and what else you may need to start off on the road. While this post couldn’t cover everything you’ll encounter, it will give you the basics you’ll need to get started.

Size and Weight Considerations

First you’ll need to know what size caravan is reasonable for your situation. Find out the weight of your car and make sure your caravan does not exceed 85% of your car’s unladen weight. If you’re worried that driving with the caravan may be difficult, it is not much different than driving solo. You’ll just have to be more cautious around turns, when you’re accelerating, and when you’re braking.

Comfort and Space Concerns

It’s best to get a caravan that’s as short and light as fits your needs, and to know what that is before seeking caravans for sale. You can consider getting an awning, which will open up a whole new “room” for dining or sleeping space. To figure out how many berths you’ll need, simply consider how many people you’re likely to bring on the road. There are numerous ways beds are found in caravans. There are beds that convert into seats to make the best use of living space, and some caravans have fixed beds. Figure out what works best for you.

Kitchen and Bath

Consider the location of where you’ll be preparing your food. Modern caravans for sale have kitchens that are masterpieces of space utilization; you’ll be amazed by how much can be fit into them and how easy they can be to use. Consider how you’ll be cooking on the road and make sure the kitchen is located so others may get through without interrupting the cook. Be sure to also figure out what bathroom you’re most comfortable with in terms of comfort and privacy.

Some Final Considerations

Be sure to get a gas cylinder for cooking and stock your kitchen with nonperishable foods for the road. Most importantly, have fun on the road and make some amazing memories! After just one adventure in your caravan, you’ll be considering it your home away from home.

Shop for a new or used caravans for sale today; the experts at will help you with everything you’ll need to get your adventures started!

Caravan Repairs Early Get You Back on the Road

On the road, enjoying your ultimate in freedoms, going wherever you want to go – some would call fantastic. For us, this is part of our dream. The worlds’ window shoppers, we enjoy the view and smell the roses for the people that are content in cubicle farms. Even if we do it only sometimes, knowing this freedom is available anytime makes it much easier to endure the daily grind.

In this age of do it yourself, DIY is your life out there, away from typical convenience. Things happen to your caravan out on the road and you deal with them, you’re a pioneer! Every bit of space matters and caravan repairs must be made “in the field” so to speak. This lifestyle isn’t for the spoiled, we have compact spaces so huge closets aren’t a priority, usually. Though, surely if you wanted one it could be added easily enough. Basic needs attended, the caravanning lifestyle is for freedom lovers and the do it yourself vacationers. People who like to do things on their own terms.

Utilizing all the space in the caravan is important, most especially for longer trips away from home or larger cities. Storing up supplies and making sure your maintenance is done before you hit the road are of vital importance for a successful, low stress trip. Even if you are not on the road, maintenance is vital to a long life for your caravan, providing you lots of memories across your travels. Caravan repairs should be made early, ideally upon first notice of them. This makes them overall cheaper to correct and less troubling for you.

Proper organization is another vital skill in caravanning. You must be sure you have supplies that you need, and can locate them in case of accident, emergency or the occasional inconvenient caravan repairs on the side of the road. In inconvenient conditions, timing is of the essence!

Every now and then, the worst can happen and there’s an accident between two vehicles, and suddenly you’re dealing with insurance companies and potentially the other vehicle owner, it can get overwhelming. You’re a caravan pioneer and you can handle this just as any other obstacle on the road. Unexpected is the name of this game right? So you make the necessary calls and find out what needs to be done to get back on the road. We’d like to help you do that, contact us at and we’ll work together to make your necessary caravan repairs.

5 Essential Caravan Accessories Every Traveller Needs

The excitement is building in your household as you get ready for your next big caravan adventure; nothing beats the feeling of being on the road, exploring all the beautiful nature that Australia has on offer and having quality time with loved ones and family. However, before you embark on your next journey, make sure to pack these 5 essential caravan accessories.

  1. Bike Rack – With Dry Rack Extension

As you and your family find places to stop and explore, what better way to do it then on your own mountain bikes. These bike racks attach to the back of your caravan and can carry multiple bikes. You can also buy a dry rack extension that is perfect for people who love to swim or are water sport enthusiasts, as it provides a perfect place to dry towels and swimsuits.

  1. Mobile Mains Power Kit

Nobody wants to be the person that blows the power at the park your staying at, so this accessory allows you to hook up to the main power and ensures that doesn’t happen. If you buy a good one, it comes with surge protectors, 3 sockets, and a 20 metre cable to allow easy access to outdoor spaces or nearby tents set up by the caravan.

  1. Portable Combination Fridge-Freezers

Few things are handier to have among your caravan accessories than a portable fridge-freezer. These come in various sizes, but a general one with a 60 litre capacity is great for group trips and extended touring. Higher quality ones come with AC and DC switching options and with a steel cabinet, lid and handles. These are big enough to store a great amount of food and portable enough to carry with you on picnics or little excursions.

4. Awning with Screens

Everyone knows that after a few days on the road the caravan can start feeling a little cramped. Having an awning that attaches to the side of your caravan is a great way to add extra useable space for your family to relax in. Getting extra screens for your awning can also provide a great amount of much needed shade on those particularly UV heavy days in Australia.

  1. Collapsible Outdoor Furniture

The perfect companion to your awnings are collapsible outdoor furniture, like tables and chairs, which create that perfect outdoor living space. These are great for entertaining, eating and sharing travel stories with family and new friends you meet along the way. The best part is that when you’re done, they fold up neatly and don’t take up a lot of room in your caravan.

To find out more about which caravan accessories will be key on your next big adventure, check out and make your next caravan excursion your best one yet!

Modern-Day Campers for Sale for Rustic Roots Expeditions

These days, it is yet again becoming increasingly trendy to use vacation time to embark on cross-country trips. Vacationers are looking to re-establish themselves with nature and the well-travelled routes that take us there. The VW Bus is the classic and iconic symbol of such trips, and with growing popularity, we are now seeing more people looking at campers to take them on journeys that reunite them with historic routes in a modern way.

But unlike the buses of the past, campers for sale these days are more customised to meet the contemporary needs of travellers with current mindsets. Before purchasing a camper, it’s important to know what type of category of destination-seeker you fall into. Below we have described a couple categories of travellers and the needs they commonly have.

Climbers, Trekkers and Adventure-Seeking Enthusiasts

These types of nomads are looking at campers for sale that are more bare bones. Travelling for them does not equate with the luxury amenities that some campers now offer. They are simply looking for economical vehicles that can handle the rough and unpredictable terrains of the outback. Models that boast being lightweight and compact, while also being easy to maintain and store, will appeal to this category of vacationer.

Campers for these adrenaline-driven travellers should also be easy to tow, perhaps with pop-out bunks and not much else. People looking for this type of camper are more tuned into mapping out their day’s path than they are nesting inside for extended periods of time. Efficiency is key to these journey aficionados.

Young (of Age or Heart) Families and Robust Retirees

While navigating the road from the helm of their ship, families with small children or energetic retirees are usually looking for campers for sale that are transportable home-like dwellings. These types of travellers are looking for comfort, space and amenities within flexible layouts.

If you are looking to travel the country in camper luxury, you will find models these days that offer spacious seating, eating and sleeping areas so you can travel with companions in ease and style.

Customise Your Camper

Once you narrow it down to what type of vacationer you and your companions are, you will find that there is already a wide range of modern campers ready to steer you to your next destination — wherever it is.

For more information on campers for sale in your area, please visit